Shrines of the Black Madonna - Detroit
The Year of Restoration -  Redefining and Celebrating Who We Are


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Adult Best Self Theology is class every Sunday at 10:00 

Due to technical difficulties Detroit will not host 
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Father's Day
is June 17th

Guest speaker, Dawud Muhammad was born in the city of Detroit. It was at Lincoln University that he encountered Minister Louis Farrakhan (1981) and joined the Nation of Islam a few months later. In September 1995 David X was named Dawud Muhammad by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan before capacity  crowd at New Bethel Baptist Church.

In that same year (1995) Dawud along with black men and women of every religious, political and organizational affiliation was instrumental mobilizing one of the largest contingents of black men to the historic Million Man March (October 7, 1995).  In addition to speaking at colleges and universities, Dawud has been a noted commentator on WJLB FM 98.   In the spring of 2007 Dawud  hosted the Nation of Islam’s annual Saviour's Day Convention. 

Currently, Dawud is director of programs at WCCC.  He has successfully raised 10 children. He enjoys his 18 grandchildren and also is a noted visual artist and loves jazz music.


Dear Women of NIA & Volunteers,

Father's Day is less than 2 weeks away, we are asking for   $25.00 per sister, but all donations are accepted. Please give cash or checks to Sister Aminata Jones after church. If you are writing a check , make it payable to the PAOCC.  Your donation pays for dinner, gifts, decorations, and a love offering for our guest speaker.

We also need people to help decorate, serve, hostess and help set up. Please send email to volunteer 

All children participating in the in church presentation should have their assignment prepared this Sunday. If your child would like to participate contact Sis. Aida



June 21 - 25, 2018
Calhoun Falls, SC

See itinerary HERE or Sis. Morenike for more information.


Shrine #1 is A Host Site
for the

The Detroit Independent Freedom School Movement was established in response to policies put in place by a series of emergency manager to systematically dismantle the Detroit Public Schools.  These policies have seriously underminded the education of our young people and the Detroit Independent Freedom School Movement (DIFSM) was created to fill that void.

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WANTED: Our church Food Pantry is in need of a refrigerator (new or used) to keep our donated perishable food items from spoiling.  Please see Sister Tiombe Briggs to assist with this need.

FREE FOOD and CLOTHES on the third Saturday of each month from 11 am to 1 pm.  We are now asking for men's shoes, personal items and CLEAN, FRESH, PRESSED, in GOOD condition folded or on hangers.  Please bring bagged clothes as we offer your donations directly to the public.


Due to the number of people presently on our prayer list and recent requests, only recent requests for prayer and those who are hospitalized will be listed in our bulletin. The entire extensive prayer list (including those who have been on the list for a long period of time), will be posted on the board leading to the church fellowship hall, the service officiator will have a copy, and copies will be available at the Usher Table for those who would like to see the complete list for their prayers. Please continue to pray for our members with chronic illnesses, as well as our people throughout the world and all who are suffering.