Shrines of the Black Madonna - SHINE ON HOUSTON
The Year of Restoration -  Redefining and Celebrating Who We Are

UPDATE:  We were able to distribute the items collected to those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston.  We also partnered with the Houston chapter of the National Black United Front to send supplies to Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange Texas.  We are truly grateful for the generous donations and for the volunteers who helped.  This is an ongoing effort to assist those in need.  We are still accepting donations and volunteers for distribution on Saturday.


Hurricane Harvey has left a deadly path of destruction throughout the state of Texas.  Once downgraded as a Tropical Storm it continued to wreak havoc on the Greater Houston Area.  So widespread is its devastating effects that it demands a total response from all entities.  The Shrine Cultural & Event Center located in the South Park area of Houston has been served as a hub of community activites for 40 years.  As a champion for social activism and consciousness we seek to join forces with our fellow citizens to support the countless victims of this castastrophic event.  

Every contribution will be focused on the direct help that is so greatly needed.  Homes have been damaged or destroyed, lives have been disrupted and our community has been thrown into a state of disarray.  The funds raised for this initative will be used to support local community shelters during their most active season. Together we can make a difference, together we can rise above the flood waters, and together we can shine on Houston.

Please Donate and Spread the Word!