Shrines of the Black Madonna - Women's Ministry
The Year of Restoration -  Redefining and Celebrating Who We Are

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. (Psalm 150:6).
From the Desk of...
WOW National Director, Sister Marie Abeo Brown
In today’s culture we are immersed in change and the rate of that change is accelerating.  Perhaps change is our only constant.  As a result ideas and traditions are challenged and long held convictions seriously questioned.  Perhaps nowhere is this change more evident than in our understanding of women and their place in both church and society.  It is no wonder that women find themselves confused and uncertain about how to live a “Best Self existence reflective of God’s divine will.
God created women for special and personal connections to humanity and for a unique position in the world. 
What has been your understanding?  If we respond to culture to determine a women’s place, we will experience the ground continually shifting under our feet.  There is, however, a better way.  In the Pan African Orthodox Christian Community, we know that the “Best” way is through being open to and accessing the unlimited cosmic energy and creative intelligence of Spirit.  It is through biblical narratives, historical events and our personal testimonies we know the power of an unchanging God.
he Women Of Worship Atlanta‘s Ministry is committed to supporting All women and youth girls on their emotional, personal and spiritual journeys to reflecting their Best Self.  The ministry endeavors to:
  • Equip and support women serving in their Purpose and Possibilities
  • Explore unique ways of facilitating discussions in relational context that will transmit content stimulating growth through Communication, Connection, and Challenge
  • Embrace women throughout the community with a 3DModel of effective engagement
WOW Ministries
Sis Marie Abeo Brown, WOW Ministry Leader
  • AWE Circle (Authentic Women Emerging) - Is an Affirming Circle facilitated by the Elders and Mothers in the church; the AWE Circle is a sacred space for women of all ages and stages to share and receive wisdomWOW Elders, Ministry Leaders
  • Sister to Sister DevotionalsIs committed to reaching women through spoken and written words that challenges us to view ourselves as ever evolvingSister K. Chenzira Robinson, Ministry Leader
  • Married Without RegretsIs passionate about encouraging and support healthy and thriving marriages; offers marriage seminars and quarterly date nightsElder Oni Oluremi, Ministry Leader
  • My Sisters Keeper Self Care SeriesIs continuously cultivating an open space to generate creative ways to manifest a new paradigm for women.  Rev. Ayana Raye, Ministry Leader
  • Girlfriends In God - Is designed to meet the deepest relational and learning needs of young sisters. This small group provides the framework for young sisters to worship God with joy, with passion, and with conviction. Sister Banti Zehyoue, Ministry Leader
National Leadership
Sis Abeo, National & Regional Coordinator for Atlanta ~ Rev. Ayanna,  Atlanta Regional Support
Rev. Djenaba, Regional Coordinator for PEARLS ~ Fd. Nailah, Regional Support
Sis. Ifetayo, Regional Coordinator for NIA ~ Mother Aminah, Regional Support
Rev. Amina, Regional Coordinator Beulah Land ~ Fd. Niyonu, Regional Support
Sis. Safiya, Coordinator WOW Liberia
Rev. Ifetayo, National Advisor