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Basic Principles of Best Self Theology

by Jaramogi M. Kimathi

Best Self Theology is an interpretation of Christian thought that asserts, we can only change the world by changing ourselves since ultimately, ourselves is the only thing we can control.

Best Self Theology begins with the belief that all human beings are endowed with a spark of divinity that gives us a dynamic potential to perpetually learn, grow, improve and adapt. 

God is the life-force that gives us life. Our life is essentially cosmic energy and creative intelligence expressing itself through us. Growth, development and learning are basic in all its forms.

The object of life is to flourish. Our inner divinity gives us the natural inner drive to attain the highest expression of our humanity. Best Self Theology exists to facilitate human flourishing.

The maximization of our potential is our primary religious obligation. Thus, striving to be our best possible selves is the ultimate act of worship and service is the highest praise.

Our first divine obligation is to develop our God given potential. The second divine obligation is to use our developed potential to serve God by serving others.

Best Self Theology is not about specific techniques or processes. It is about shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset by helping us believe that God is seeking expression through us and that we have the ability to assist the realization of this expression through commitment, passion, effort and training.

Best Self Theology triggers and reinforces the growth mindset through inspiration, encouragement, modeling and faith.

The social goal of Best Self Theology is to inspire a Best Self Movement dedicated to creating a positive culture of achievement and opens us to the infinite possibilities God makes available to us.

The Kingdom of God is not a place but a state of being attained when human consciousness has been elevated to be in alignment with divine will and purpose.

Global transformation is simply inspiring enough “best-self” practitioners to cause a shift in human consciousness. 

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