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Building a Bridge to the Pan African World

PAOCC - Liberia I (History)

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LIBERIA UPDATE (12/01/2014)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It was great opportunity receiving information from Bishop Mbiyu Chui stating that the UCC branch in Michigan was raising fund within its congregation in order to assist the Shrine of the Black Madonna of the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church Liberia in the fight against the Ebola Virus Disease that keeps spreading in the Country. Haven’t read the information, we will highly appreciate your effort in making this to happen.

The PAOCC-Liberia is carrying out Ebola Awareness activities in various communities of Liberia. Attached, are some of the photos on donation made at one of Ebola Treatment Units in Bong County and also few Buckets that was distributed in one of the affected communities in Gbarnga City, Bong County.

We look forward to hearing from you.

May God bless us all,

Preston Papa Jackson



LIBERIA UPDATE (11/16/2014)

Dear Christian Brothers and Sisters,

I write to inform you that the CEO of the Pan African Orthodox Church of Liberia was opportune to have bough Eight Cartoons of High Energy Biscuit and Juices on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 and donated it to the Bong County Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) on behalf of the PACO in Liberia and the USA. The donation was accepted by the medical Team assigned at the ETU and even pray that the PAOCC USA and Liberia continue its support toward the Ebola victims that are laying down in the ETU helpless undergoing treatment. We pray for more assistance toward our Brothers and Sisters that are going through this great suffering in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Preston Papa Jackson



LIBERIA UPDATE (04/30/2014)

Conversation with the Pastor

Speaking: Bishop Mbiyu

Topic: The Liberia Report

Date: April 30, 2014

LIBERIA UPDATE (2/21/2013)

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Liberia 2013


Visit the PAOCC Development Group website:

LIBERIA Update (1/31/2013)


LIBERIA Update (12/30/2012)

Praise be to God;

I want to take this time and thank the almighty God for making this day a success in my life. I know that the journey to this great achievement was very rocky and ruff. But I give God the praise. I want to appreciate all those that stood with in my struggle in becoming a proud Married man in my family.

May God bless you all,

Preston Papa Jackson



LIBERIA Update (7/18/2012)

Dear Cardinal Garpue Qurkpawala Chui,

I greet you in the name of Christ Jesus.

I write to forward you the attached photos from the PAOCC-Liberia Bonjal Church in ELWA Community. While we are struggling to build the Church, our membership at the Church keeps fulgurating day by day because they do not want to contribute toward the Building project. Some of the members sometime sit and just consider us to be like the White churches in Liberia. We are educating them on our church theology, but they face to realize what we stand for as a church.

But what is happening in Liberia when it comes to the Gospel started in the year 1826, when the first Missionaries from the USA enter Liberia to introduce the Gospel to the indigenous People. At that time, they never introduced the Word “Giving” and “Tithe” Payment. When they enter Liberia, they give all they had to the Indigenous people as God willed. So the concept of supporting the Gospel by Church members is just taking effect. So it will take us a little bite of time to stand on our own as a Ministry.

Please extend my greetings to everyone.

God Bless You,

Preston P. Jackson



LIBERIA Update (7/12/2012)

Greeting from Pastor Ford,

Hello! I just wanted to update you on the churches in Liberia. Due to the rain season, the construction on the Monrovia, Thinker's Village church (located in Todee District) is slow. Nonetheless, the Liberia PAOCC church ministry is moving forward. We are spreading the ministry to nearby villages. More PAOCC teaching materials, clerical materials and clothing are needed, as well as recording and video equipment.

We look forward to fellowshipping with our brothers and sisters from the USA soon!


Pastor Ford

Liberia Update (06/20/2012)

Dear PAOCC Family,

Attached are photos from the work done at the Liberia PAOCC. I bought Three (3) bundles of Zinc to complete the zincing of the Church. The Contractor work started 8:45 AM to 4:28 PM, but there wasn't enough Zinc to complete the building. Next we would like to purchase cement blocks to build the walls. However, I don’t have the money to purchase the cement blocks, but I believed God will provide way for us to purchase the blocks and complete the church. After the church, we will be attacking the school building and the office. Our next project will be to fence the entire compound that has been given to PAOCC by the Cee Family.

We welcome your help to purchase the materials for the expansion project. Get involved, click on the PayPal link to make your donation.

May God bless you,

Preston Papa Singbah Jackson


Liberia Update (5/4/2012)

Dear Beloved:

The photos shine a light on the fourteen years civil war in Liberia. A war that destroyed the culture and tradition of our nation.

Every action on these photos is true. Surprisingly enough, most of the people found on these photos are living among us in Liberia. As well, some the people are law makers in the present government.

As you can see, I come from a country of war torn people. Nonetheless, I draw on my faith to move my people forward. With the help of God, the Holy Spirit, and you (PAOCC), we will move Liberia forward. We will stand strong together and reveal the works of the Holy Spirit, thereby showing others how a communal fellowship tears down barriers, and releases the Cosmic Energy of the Most High-- to do a mighty work in the people of Liberia.

May God bless you.

Preston P. Jackson

National CEO


CLICK HERE to view the photos

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Liberia Film Project

Cardinal Mbiyu answers questions on the Liberia video project.

Liberia Update (3/22/12)

Liberia Update (2/1/12)

The Swedish Film Institute has awarded Mats Hjelm and Claes Herrlander a grant to do a film on our church building efforts in West Africa. They will be traveling to Detroit to begin filming, and travel with us to Liberia in mid April. The pre-production title is: The Black Missionary, and it will chronicle the establishment of the PAOCC in Monrovia (2011) and the additional churches in Gbargna (Bang-bah), and Ganta City, Liberia. In addition we are meeting with Liberians in Cape Coast who are interested in established a PAOCC affliate in Ghana. Back in the day, we sang a song that said: "All around the world, a Black Nation needs to be!" This is just the beginning. . . Praise GOD from whom all blessings flow! ~ Pastor Mbiyu

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Liberia Update​

Cardinal Mbiyu's update on Liberia (11/7/11): We currently have two churches in Paynesville, Monrovia where we started out. The second church site is where we will build our school and church offices in 2012. The initial church site, doesn't have any room for expansion because of its location, and plus the land is not owned by the church. The third church is located in Gbargna City, Bong County Liberia. It is located in Central Liberia,

and currently has about 100 members. The fourth and upcoming church is located in Ganta City, Nimba County, which is located on the eastern border of Liberia with Guinea. The membership is about 50 and growing. Both of these recent additions, came about because of the initial week of workshops we had introducing the church to the Liberian community. About half a dozen Pastors attended the workshops and all stated they wanted to bring the PAOCC to their respective communities. So this is what we see going on now, via the dedication of our PAOCC leadership in Monrovia. The three new churches will all be formally inducted into the PAOCC family in January when we make our way to Liberia, GOD willing! As I mentioned in my pre-sermon announcements, the political tension is still prevalent, so as soon as things settle, hopefully not long after the Nov. 8th election, we'll be able to set a date for our trip in January. Day-by-day the Lord keeps adding to our numbers, those destined to be saved!


The PAOCC Liberia, officially opened in September 2010, and was inducted under the umbrella of the PAOCC USA in January 2011. Since its opening, the church has already had a tremendous reception not only by the local community, but all around the city, county and surrounding countries. There are already three satellite cadres in surrounding areas beyond Monrovia. Many local churches have also expressed an interest in joining forces with the PAOCC and becoming sister churches. We want to continue to do what we can to reach out to our brothers and sisters, who are thirsty for the gospel of good news, and who share our vision of a Pan African World Community, with power.

In support of our new church in Paynesville, Monrovia we seek to get involved in two major areas of ministry: health and education. With almost 60% of Liberia's population being children and young people (under 25) we want to help provide educational opportunities, vocational training, and basic skills that will lead to employment and self-sufficiency. We are seeking to purchase land to open the PAOCC Church School, and to assist local schools in educating youth. To support a child in school is only $50.00 U.S. dollars per semester. At the college level it is only $500.00 U.S. per semester.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Make a donation to the PAOCC Liberia Fund. All funds will be collected centrally and credited to the appropriate region. Invite and encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to support this very worthy cause.

In regards to health care, Monrovia has only one hospital and one small clinic, which serves an entire county of over 6,000 people. We are looking to donate medical supplies, medical and technological equipment, everything from gauze, mosquite nets, to computers and software. These donations can be shipped with to the Ministry Health or directly to the James N. Daives Memorial Hospital in Monrovia. If you are interested in helping please call our office to see how you can get involved.

CLICK HERE for history on the Liberia Mission. (PDF)

CLICK HERE to read the Liberia Vacation Free School Report.(PDF)

Our brothers and sisters in the Motherland Thank you for your support!

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