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The Virtual Village 

Joyce Karimah Johnson - Director of eMinistries

The Virtual Village is the electronic and digital media ministry of the PAOCC. It is comprised of our website, recorded and live video streams, Facebook Live Conversations, Women of Worship Online Devotionals, News Around the Nation and more. It is my hope that you find value and benefit from our ministry. The elements of the Virtual Village enable us to engage and connect with members and visitors from around the world. It allows us to take our Best Self message and mission to people everywhere. Your help is needed to make a donation today to enable us to continue sharing our message. Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated. 

The ministry of the Virtual Village is carried out by a collective of artists, technicians, ministers, and administrators located in Michigan, Georgia, Texas, and Florida from varied careers and backgrounds. This collective pools resources of time, talent, and faith to fulfill our mission to take our message of Best Self to people everywhere.

Why your donation is needed:

  • To develop and maintain an upgraded web presence

  • To shore up the technological infrastructure of our International church by purchasing hardware and Internet services for the respective regions

  • To purchase video, computer and sound equipment

  • To purchase adequate auxiliary lighting

  • To purchase copyright licenses to stream hymns and other songs

  • To provide educational opportunities for future technicians and engineers

  • The Virtual Village is a platform for the PAOCC to reach the 'World' community

  • To give all regions of our church the opportunity to grow exponentially

The Virtual Village needs your financial support. Will you give $5, $10, $20, $100 or any amount TODAY to support the Virtual Village?

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Thank You in advance for your gift,

it's greatly appreciated and it truly makes a difference!

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