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The Holy Order of the Maccabees            

The Holy Order of the Maccabees is a religious order of the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church consecrated and sanctified by the divine authority of the church to serve as the defenders, protectors and utilitarian servants. The Holy Order of the Maccabees is a group of seekers committed to establishing a new pattern of Black men and women by standing eternally on the Covenant of our fathers. The ancient warrior tradition of African people was not limited to a willingness to defend the community, but also included a responsibility to provide exemplary and unconditional service to GOD though zealous and selfless service to the Community. To be strong, courageous, faithful, dedicated, zealous and humble is what it means to serve in this capacity. The Holy Order of the Maccabees have resurrected the mystical warrior tradition of Africa to develop men and women who serve the needs of the Community in the modern world.

We are descendants of and take our name from the biblical Maccabees, who by their willingness to stand on the Covenant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, invoked the power of GOD and liberated Israel from the ungodly and unjust oppression of the Gentiles.

As members of the Holy Order of the Maccabees, we come together as defenders, protectors, and servants of the Nation. We enter the Holy Order of the Maccabees based on our acceptance of the Covenant relationship established by our ancestors, who through unconditional service to GOD and loyalty to the Nation gave their lives that our people might be free and the Kingdom of GOD be realized on earth. It is through this same Covenant relationship that we bind ourselves together.

We pledge our total commitment to the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church, and our reason for being, is to protect and serve it. We recognize fully that we are forces of GOD and that through our faith and deeds the godless will fall and GOD will reign forever.

Excerpt from REVIEW: Shrine of the Black Madonna Cultural Center & Book Store, JUNE 92, Vol. 2 No. 2, Tribute Edition: 15 Church Anniversary (Houston, Tx.) – Tribute to Jaramogi – New Directions for the Black Church.

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