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Five Cardinal Resolutions: Becoming Better Christians

The PAOCC exists to help seekers become better Christians and to do the will of God. We are strengthened and inspired along our journey by our personal relationship with God and our communal relationship with our brothers and sisters.

The Five Cardinal Resolutions, adapted by Jaramogi Menelik Kimathi for our church community, should be spoken and adopted by all seekers in the PAOCC.

1) I resolve to practice radical transformative hospitality to those God draws to our fellowship.

2) I resolve to passionately worship GOD who is the source and substance of my existence and the nourishment of my soul.

3) I resolve to pursue faith development through the disciplines, sacraments and practices of the church to realize my highest potential and prove myself worthy of my inner divinity.

4) I resolve to participate in socially transforming missions, particularly those focused on the Pan-African World Community, in order to do the greatest good with my life and to bring the world into greater conformity with GOD’s will.

5) I resolve to exude extravagant generosity in all aspects of my life emulating GOD’s precious generosity toward me.

Seasons of Faith

Renewal (January/February)

Lent (February/March/April)

Pentecost (April/May/June)

Recommitment (June/July)

Confirmation (August/September)

Celebration (October)

Advent (November/December)

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